What is a Municipal Golf Course?

Most golfers will have heard the term “muni” or “munis” courses if they have played enough golf. These courses refer to municipal courses that are sometimes stereotypically deemed unfit to play on because they are not kept in pristine condition. However, you will find out this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A municipal golf course is one that is owned and managed by a government entity. This is typically the town, county, or city in which the municipal course is located. They may or may not have some amenities that public or private courses, but many are kept in pristine condition even having PGA events hosted at them.

If you are just looking to understand what a muni golf course is and how it differs from others, or you are perhaps looking to play at one and want to know what to expect, this article is for you. We will cover and detail everything you need to know about muni courses and how they differ from public courses.

What is a municipal golf course?

A municipal golf course, also known as a “muni” or “munis” course, is a golf course that is owned by a government entity.

Typically a municipal golf course will be owned and/or managed by the town, county, or city in which it is located.

A municipal golf course may have the same or different amenities when compared to a public or privately owned golf course. Typically they won’t be “blinged-out,” such as having restaurants and steam rooms. However, they will offer drinks and snacks available from carts.

They are typically regarded as the cheapest and worst courses to play on. However, this is not true at all, and even though they might be missing one or two amenities their courses, are managed and maintained to the highest degree, as we will find out.

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